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: Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks - Corona virus update

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) take great pride in supporting our local communities before, during and after power cuts. The current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation, is no doubt raising some questions about what happens if you have a power cut.


SSEN would like to offer advice surrounding how we are prepared for power cuts and how you can be too. If you do have a power cut our staff will be working hard to ensure any power loss related to a fault is fixed as quickly as possible to reduce as much impact on our customers and communities.


If you experience a power cut, what should you do?

  • Check your internal trip switches to see if they have tripped;  if they have tripped reset them to the on position.
  • If you have checked your trips switches and you still do not have power, please call 105 - we have staff available to take your calls and offer advice.
  • We will be able to direct our local engineers either to your property or local substation if we have several calls from the same area.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) -  Safety

  • Safety is our number one priority, for our staff and the communities they work in. To ensure both our staff and the community stay safe, please expect some additional questions to be asked by our advisors if our engineers must enter your property.
  • Please feel free to ask the questions in return; your safety is as important as our engineers.
  • The questions asked will be surrounding travel and if anyone in your property has coronavirus or related symptoms.


Priority Services Register

We all rely on electricity day to day for various things, but for some a power cut can be particularly distressing and difficult. That’s why we offer extra help and support during a power cut. Registering for our priority services helps us to help you when you need it most. All priority services are free.



Business Continuity – keeping the lights on

We have followed guidance from the government to ensure our staff are kept safe and healthy to ensure we can keep the lights on. We are developing our strategy every day to keep our teams maintaining the electricity network.


We are aware at this time having a power cut may be more distressing than normal. However as a company we are positive we have planned and prepared enough with our external partners and government bodies to maintain a high level of service.


If you have any questions or queries in the event of a power cut please contact 105. For general questions or queries, please feel free to contact me by responding to this email or alternatively my colleague Savana Walker by email savana.walker@sse.com


Kind Regards


Mark J Taylor

Customer & Community Advisor

M: +44(0)7876 837 536

E: mark.j.taylor@sse.com

Petersfield Depot, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LJ