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Mystery Warrior - The North Bersted Man

Mystery Warrior - The North Bersted Man

Mystery Warrior: The North Bersted Man 

Opening on Saturday, 25 January 2020

The secrets of an Iron Age warrior, who may have fought alongside King Commius during Julius Caesar's wars with the Gauls, will finally be told through this major exhibition.

The 'Mystery Warrior' was discovered 12 years ago by Thames Valley Archaeological Services Ltd. This was found during archaeological investigations, prior to the construction of Berkley Homes' Bersted Park.

Arguably the most elaborately equipped warrior grave ever found in England, archaeologists believe he was a refugee French Gallic fighter who fled Julius Caeser's Roman Army as they swept across continental Europe around 50BC.

After years of conservation and scientific analysis, the artefacts are now ready to finally be displayed here at the museum.

Thanks to generous funding provided by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Novium Museum has programmed a range of free activities and events to accompany the exhibition, including a Lecture Series, Family Days and Community Days.
For more information - click here - http://www.thenovium.org/mysterywarrior